2024-06-07 14:23

New Race in Vasaloppet's Summer Week 2024: Funkisvasan!

Funkisvasan will become one of the regular races on the programme for Vasaloppet's Summer Week 2024. A test race for invited participants was conducted during the Summer Week 2023, and following a very positive reception, Funkisvasan is now open to more participants.

”Our goal is for everyone who wants to be able to complete a Vasaloppet,” says Tommy Höglund, Sport Manager at Vasaloppet.

Funkisvasan is a 4 km running race that will take place on Friday, August 16 at 14:00, kicking off the running weekend of Vasaloppet’s Summer Week 2024. The race starts and finishes in Mora and is aimed at individuals with disabilities. (In Swedish, ”funkis” is short for ”funktionsnedsättning”, meaning functional impairment or disability.)

”We chose to conduct Funkisvasan as a test race last year to gather more information to make the race as good as possible for participants. This year, we have made some adjustments, including to the course layout, and we are very pleased to launch Funkisvasan as part of the regular programme,” says Tommy Höglund.

The initiative for Funkisvasan originally came from Anders Hansson in Falun, a sports journalist and parent of a disabled child. The race has been further developed by Vasaloppet in close cooperation with the Dalarna Parasport Association. Last year, around 20 invited participants took part, including several in wheelchairs and some with guides. Some also used electric wheelchairs.

”The test was successful, and we received good feedback from the participants, which we have now incorporated as Funkisvasan opens up to more people. Interest from the public has been high. Many have contacted us during the spring asking when registration will open, and it feels great to welcome everyone who wants to join Funkisvasan 2024,” says Tommy Höglund.

Facts Funkisvasan 2024

Start: 14:00 at the Vasaloppet finish in Mora on Friday, August 16, 2024
Distance: 4 km
Surface: The race runs on asphalt and gravel roads
Total time: 2 hours (finish closes around 16:00)
Minimum age: No age limit – everyone is welcome to participate
Recreational race: No winner is crowned
Max number of participants: 200
Registration fee: 195 SEK
Finish: All participants who complete the race receive a diploma and a medal.

Registration for Funkisvasan 2024 is open >

How Funkisvasan 2024 works

Participants can choose between three different start groups:

Start group 1 – motorised without timekeeping

Start at 14:00.
No timekeeping. Roll with the help of a motorised vehicle for people with disabilities.

Start group 2 – roll or walk with timekeeping

Start at 14:05.

With timekeeping. Walk, run, or roll in a wheelchair without physical assistance from an aide.

Start group 3 – roll or walk without timekeeping

Start at 14:10.
No timekeeping. Walk, run, roll in a wheelchair or electric wheelchair. Physical assistance from an aide is allowed.

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