2023-10-04 13:43

Opportunity for all participants to wear a personalized number bib in the 100th Vasaloppet

In the coming days, an offer will be sent out to everyone currently preparing for Vasaloppet on Sunday, March 3, 2024 – the 100th Vasaloppet in history. For this historic race, which has been fully booked for a long time, participants can now choose to buy a personalized and unique number bib.

The personalized number bib is of the same vest design that the elite athletes use. On the bib, the participant’s first and last name is displayed along with the start number.

– We want this to be felt and noticed that the 2024 edition of the Vasaloppet is special. So now we hope that the Vasaloppet participants will appreciate the opportunity to race with a personalized number bib and be able to save it as a nice memory from the 100th Vasaloppet, says Magnus Locken, event manager, Vasaloppet.

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