Label your equipment

Far from all lost and found items are actually handed in to Lost and found. If your clothes and equipment are well labelled the chance is much greater that they will be brought to us. We won’t be able to handle unlabelled clothes and equipment.

Note that Vasaloppet bears no responsibility in the event that you lose your belongings.

Vasaloppet’s Summer Week 2024

Items found between the checkpoint in Smågan and the finish in Mora

During competition days, items lost or found can be left or picked up in the finish area in Mora. On Monday morning all remaining items will be moved into storage where they are kept for two weeks before being donated away.

Items found at the Vasaloppet start

On the day of the competition, lost or found items can be picked up or handed in by the start house at the start area. These items are transported after the arrangement to the finish area in Mora.

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Vasaloppet’s Winter Week 2025

You can find Lost and found (Hittat och lånat) at the finish area in Mora. On competition days, items lost or found can be picked up or handed in. If you borrow equipment in connection with a race, you must return it to Lost and found after the finish.

Phone number to Lost and found:
+46 (0)250-15738

Lost and found closes at 14.00 on Thursday, March 6, 2025. Please note that clothes and shoes then will be donated to charity. Other items will be stored in Vasaloppet’s House in Mora through Friday, March 14, 2025.

If you cannot pick up your lost item we will send it to you, in which case you will pay C.O.D. (cash on delivery). Contact us at +46 (0)250-39200.


Opening hours
Lost and found at the finish area in Mora
Friday 21/2 10.00–19.00
Saturday 22/2 10.00–19.00
Sunday 23/2 09.00–21.00
Monday 24/2 08.00–21.00
Tuesday 25/2 09.00–20.00
Wednesday 26/2 09.00–12.00
Friday 28/2 08.00–20.00
Saturday 1/3 08.00–16.00
Sunday 2/3 08.00–21.30
Monday 3/3 06.00–16.00
Tuesday 4/3 08.00–16.00
Wednesday 5/3 08.00–16.00
Thursday 6/3 08.00–14.00