In 1521 Gustav Vasa escaped the Danish king. He stopped in Sälen and turned back to Mora in order to lead an uprising against the occupying power. Gustav eventually became king and four hundred years later the first skiers race the same trail to honor his memory. Vasaloppet today is the world’s largest cross-country ski race. However, the Vasaloppet Arena is so much more than just the Vasaloppet on skis. Here, all who wish can hike, run, bike or ski from Sälen to Mora. The 90 kilometres path follows the race’s course and there are plenty of rest areas and overnight accommodations along the way.

Enjoy the nature reserve’s wildlife and scenery. Stop and visit the various villages and picturesque chalets along the way. Experience all the famous sites and checkpoints of the Vasaloppet. Feel the history when you pass Tennådalsvägen where Gastav Vasa spent the night when he fled from Norway. Stop at the stream flowing past Prästskogskojan (Priest’s Forest Hut), two kilometres from Hökberg, where it is said that two Danish soldiers were slain as they pursued Gustav on his way back to Mora.

A Unique Nature Reserve

vasaloppsarenan_sommar_vandring_skog_1350x690The Vasaloppet’s trail is protected according to conservation Act 7§ and represents a municipal nature reserve within each respective community. Vasaloppet’s organization in both Sälen and Mora is responsible for the conservation of the nature preserve. Mind the environment when you are in the Vasaloppet Arena’s unique landscape.

From Sälen to Mora

Vasaloppet’s nature reserve trail starts at the same place as the ski race. After a short hike you will reach Spränsbackarna, a scenic area with a magical forest. The trail then goes over Vallmyrsätra before you reach Smågankojan, one of the many simple huts where lumberjacks and log floaters could overnight in the old days during their work weeks. The last time the hut was used as a residence was in 1947.

vasaloppsarenan_cykel_mangsbodarna_kontroll_sommar_1350x690In Mångsbodarna, you can visit a water-powered saw house, a wood planing house, a chop saw, a watermill, a sandstone quarry, a system of water channels and a schoolhouse. In Risberg there is a village with many old chalets and in Evertsberg there is a chapel with an altarpiece, a plunder from war taken from Lübeck which is dated back to 1490. Don’t miss the natural bath in Skeppshussjön just before Evertsberg. From Boggberget you have a nice view of the hills of Sälen, Oxberg and Gopshus.

Once in Oxberg, the Axi hut and mill can be worth a visit as well as Gopshus Mountain with its fine views. The last part of the trail goes through lush green pastures in Hökberg and Eldris before it reaches Mora which is home to the Zorn Museum, Zorn garden, Dala-horse manufacturing and of course, the finish line near the Vasaloppet’s House.

General information

Trail marking

The trail is clearly marked with symbols for those who are skiing, cycling or hiking. Stick to the appropriate symbol and you are sure to get where you want without any problems.

Reconstruction of the Vasaloppsvägen road, accessibility in the Vasaloppet Arena between Oxberg and Sälen will be affected during the summer of 2024.

Work in the Vasaloppet Arena is ongoing year-round. Right now, the focus is on Vasaloppet’s Summer Week, August 9–17, 2024, with brush clearing, renovation of wooden decking, and general upgrading of the cycle paths and running tracks.

Since mid-May, the Vasaloppet Arena has been open for hiking and running. The 90-kilometre trail partially follows the Vasaloppet course and features plenty of lovely rest areas. There are also nine overnight cabins situated at eight locations along the Vasaloppet trail.

Due to roadworks on Vasaloppsvägen, the Cykelvasan trail is closed between Tennäng and Evertsberg, about 17 km, for the summer of 2024. This stretch can be cycled on the road, but be aware that the road is under reconstruction and the surface is gravel. The Vasaloppet trail for hiking is not affected on this stretch.

Further west, towards Mora, from Axikvarn to Björnarvet, the Vasaloppet trail is closed. Here, hikers and runners can use the Cykelvasan trail for a distance of about 2 km. The overnight cabin at Axikvarn is still accessible and can be used this summer.



Information signs

There are information signs at many locations along the trail.



There are nine cabins at eight locations along the trail.The cabins are open year round, they can not be reserved. Onsite is uncut wood, a saw, an ax, a bucket, a broom and a dustpan as well as drinking water, in winter this is turned off. Pans are not in the cabins, it must be taken with himself. Due to allergy risk, it is not allowed to smoke or have pets in the cabins.

Each cabin costs 100 kr per bed per night. Youth under 17 stay for free. (from June 1, 2022).
For payment,
IBAN: SE12 8000 0816 6190 4570 3239


Between Sälen and Mångsbodarna there are a number of forest roads that cross the trail. Between Mångsbodarna and Mora, the trail runs relatively close to Vasaloppet’s Road. The longest distance to a road on the trail is around 4 km.

Food and drink

There are shops that are open daily in both Sälen and Mora. In Evertsberg, there is an unmanned Lifvs store open around the clock. Evertsbergs Bygdegård is open for coffee on Wednesdays, more information is available here.
In Gopshus there is Gopshusgården Rum & Stugor, breakfast, lunch and dinner are served here, more info here.



A fishing license is required. They are available for purchase at the tourist offices in Sälen, Älvdalen and Mora.

Be considerate!

There are many people who hike, bike and ski in the Vasaloppet Arena. Be considerate to others by being observant as well as taking it easy and going at a slow speed where necessary. This way everybody can enjoy their time in the footsteps of our forefathers.


Detailed map with descriptions, tips and points of interest.

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Visit Dalarna

For more information about food, accommodation or activities, please contact Visit Dalarna.
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Vasaloppet’s House in Mora and the start house in Sälen

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Dalarna County Administrative Board

Read more about the nature reserve Vasaloppsarenan on the Dalarna County Administrative Board’s website. Vasaloppsföreningen Sälen-Mora is responsible for the management of the nature reserve.

Dalarna County Administrative Board’s website – Vasaloppsarenan (in Swedish)