Vasaloppet has over 15,000 participants and seeding is used to distribute them at the start.

What is seeding and how does it work?

Seeding involves ranking race participants by speed. The fastest skiers start at the front, and the slowest start at the back. This reduces overtaking, leading to a smoother pace and fewer accidents. Seeding is based on your previous results, either in our own races or in other seeding races.

At the Vasaloppet start in Berga by, there are eleven start groups, with the elite group at the front and group 10 at the back. If you lack previous results, you start in group 10, but if you complete a seeding race, you will start in group 9 or lower.

Seeding races

Participating in a seeding race can provide both valuable experience for Vasaloppet and a better start position. You can find a complete list of all seeding races in our calendar. Filter by Seeding based race, Ski Races and earlier dates to see all relevant races.

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Results and seeding tables

In our seeding tables, you can see what your result from a seeding race corresponds to in terms of Vasaloppet start groups.

In each seeding race, the field is evaluated based on how the top ten skiers have placed in Vasaloppet over the past two years. This evaluation, along with our assessment of the race’s distance and character, forms the basis for the time limits in our seeding tables.

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Validity Period

Seeding results are valid for three years, but depreciate by one start group per year. If you have a seeding result that qualifies you for group 7 in Vasaloppet this year, you can use it next year, but it will then only qualify you for group 8. And if you want to use it in two years, you’ll start in group 9.

Automatic seeding from Swedish races with Vasa ID

Vasaloppet offers automatic seeding from Swedish seeding races. This means that you don’t need to send us your results. When you sign up for a seeding race, you enter your Vasa ID to be automatically seeded. Your Vasa ID is a personal code linked to your profile and participation history with us. You’ll get your Vasa ID when you create an account during registration, and you can find it under My account when logged into My pages.

Submitting results from foreign seeding races

If you want to use a result from a seeding race outside Sweden, you need to inform us. Send an email to with the following information: the race’s name, your name, your Vasa ID, and your time.

Check your seeding

The seeding happens the week after the seeding race; you can then see it on My pages. Check if your seeding is completed and contact our customer service if there are any issues. Get in touch via email to with the following information: the race’s name, your name, your Vasa ID, and your time.

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Elite group

To start in the elite group, one of the following points must be met:

  • Placement 1–150 in last year’s Vasaloppet
  • Seeding from external seeding race during the current season

If you meet either of these criteria, note that a valid FIS code for the season is also required.