Date: Saturday, February 12, 2022
Distance: 90 kilometre
Start: Joint start at 07.04 at a small field below Vasastenen, a few hundred metres from Olnispagården in Sälen
Finish: At the Gustav Vasa statue in Mora
Mångsbodarna, Evertsberg and Oxberg
Type: Individual ski competition (A winner will be crowned, but the whole race is more of a celebration than a competition.)
Timekeeping: Passing times at the three checkpoints and at the finish are clocked manually, and are reported on and in the Vasaloppet app.
Equipment: The equipment must be contemporary as in 1922. Take inspiration from the photo of Ernst Alm further down (which not is taken in connection with the Vasaloppet 1922) and the film from Vasaloppet 1922 further down on the page.
Style: Classic technique as of 1922 (freestyle)
Class: Joint class for women and men
Prizes: The winner will be crowned with a victory garland. There will be medals for all.
Awards ceremony: At about 19.00 in the finish area in Mora.
Age: You may participate in the race from the year you turn 19
Number of participants: 139, as many as were registered for the first Vasaloppet in 1922 (a total of over 550 applied for Jubileumsvasan)
Broadcast: Vasaloppet broadcasted Jubileumsvasan live, free of charge, on the streaming service Vasaloppet.TV.



The start will be in Sälen, on the left side of the Västerdalälven river. The three checkpoints of Mångsbodarna, Evertsberg and Oxberg will be passed on the way down to the finish line in Mora. The surface will consist of packed snow on forest roads and paths. Some sections will have horse and sleigh tracks.

Route description
  1. The start–Olnispa–Mångsbodarna

    (about 27 km)
    The start will, just like in 1922, take place at a small field below Vasastenen, just west of the old bridge in Sälen village. Participants will ski down to the river bank and follow it south to Olnispagården where a big turn at the farm will allow them to soak up both history and culture at the same time.
    Right after leaving Olnispagården, the route crosses the Västerdalälven river via a narrow suspension bridge, which may cause a bit of a queue as it's only broad enough for one line of skiers. Shortly after, the route passes the old country road, about 100 metres south of the house where the 1922 health check took place. Here we see the start of the longest and highest ascent, going on for about 2 kilometres and leading to the highest point of the course.
    Once up on the wide fens, there will be plenty of opportunities to practice your ski pole technique while enjoying the wilderness. Halfway to the first checkpoint, Mångsbodarna, you will enter Älvdalen municipality. The last part of this section has a slight slope.
    The surface from Olnispa is a trail that's been packed continuously during the winter while the last kilometres towards the first checkpoint in Mångsbodarna will take place in the regular Vasaloppet Arena where the surface is prepared using snow groomers – an easy section.
  2. Mångsbodarna–Evertsberg

    (about 23 km)
    After the checkpoint in Mångsbodarna, the route continues along a slight sloping section in the Vasaloppet arena, down to the famous "cold hole" in Tennäng. Here, too, active snow grooming has been taking place continuously during the winter. Then comes a unique section where participants ski alongside horses transporting timber through the woods as they did in 1922. A fantastic opportunity to experience the everyday life of those who inhabited this region a hundred years ago. Perhaps food will be cooking in a forest hut out in the middle of nowhere.
    After this, you enter the snow groomed Vasaloppet Arena again. A long incline that really invites diagonal skiing wraps up the section leading up to the Risberg summer farm. After Risberg comes what is, in the opinion of many, the toughest part of the track, with a series of short and intense slopes that can easily tap your energy, especially if your ski wax is wearing thin and the weather changes character. It is also here, just before Evertsberg, that we reach the half§way point of Jubileumsvasan. Then you arrive at Evertsberg, the second of the race's three checkpoints.
  3. Evertsberg–Oxberg

    (about 14 km)
    After Evertsberg, there is the opportunity for some rest with a downhill section for about 7 kilometres, down towards the beautiful summer farm Sjurby by Oxbergssjön's western shore. There will be the occasional bump in the track, both when going uphill and downhill. The route continues along the northern shore of the lake, on a slightly hilly section prepared by snowmobiles and tracked vehicles. This means that the first half between Evertsberg and Oxberg is along the regular Vasaloppet track, while the second half is along the Vasaloppet 45 course but going in the "wrong" ski direction.
    If you have the strength to lift your head and let your gaze sweep to the right at this point, you should glimpse famous passages and landmarks on the other side of the lake, such as the Björnarvet summer farm and Lundbäcksbacken. Soon you will arrive at the third and final checkpoint by the Oxberg train station.
  4. Oxberg–Mora

    (about 28 km)
    From Oxberg, the surface will vary between packed roads and Vasaloppet Arena. At several places you'll be travelling alongside the 1922 track, so there's a chance to pick up some history. Some notable passages include the stone bridge in Läde, where all Vasaloppet have passed and still do; the Läde railway guard cabin, where the story goes that Strål-Lars lost the race in 1922 because he went in to eat a pancake (which led to him meeting his future father-in-law and finding love); and Eldris station, which is long since gone but where loads of dried berries and tree sap were exported via railway out into Europe.
    The last section is in flat terrain where you pass Hemus with its sand heaths. Despite the easy terrain, there are some small climbs left to drain the last bit of juice before you get to see the Mora church tower. The last 2 kilometres go over Prästholmen and Mora camping. Just before the Aukland bridge, the route deviates and passes the Hemulån river at Badstubacksbron's southern bridge pier, up on Badstugatan. You then cross Stapelåkern (the current municipal house park) at the belfry and finally pass under the "MÅL" sign by the hill with the Gustav Vasa statue.
    Welcome to Mora!

Map Jubileumsvasan (pdf, 6 MB)


All guidelines are recommendations, Vasaloppet will not disqualify anyone but trusts that all 139 Jubileumsvasan participants will do their utmost to commit to the race.

Participants’ clothing and equipment should be time appropriate, wadmal (wool) and cotton clothing as well as a wool base layer is recommended. No advertising is allowed on clothing or equipment. Digital aids such as heart rate monitors and mobile phones may be used sparingly but should not be carried visibly. Headlamps and other lighting should not be used.

The footwear should either be pointed shoes of cloth or boots of felt or leather. The skis must be made of wood and they should be at least 1.5 times your body length – and prepared with tar wax. The ski binding must have a leather strap for the toe and heel and the poles must be made of wood or bamboo with large wicker baskets with leather straps, and metal tips and sleeves. The ski poles should, if possible, be long enough to reach your shoulder. Ernst Alm, the first winner of Vasaloppet, had skis that were 2.40 metres long and 55 millimetres wide and his poles were 140 centimetres.

Changing your skis and other equipment during the race is allowed. Equipment should, however, always be time appropriate. Number bibs in a traditional style will be distributed on Friday, February 11 at Olnispagården in Sälen and on the morning of the race, Saturday, February 12. The number bib must be worn visibly. The start is at Olnispagården in Sälen at 07:04 and freestyle skiing technique is allowed in Jubileumsvasan.

Service, food, technology and safety

The service at Jubileumsvasan’s only three checkpoint – the original Vasaloppet checkpoints of Mångsbodarna, Evertsberg and Oxberg – will be time-appropriate and manned by people dressed in 1920s style. Participants’ personal service teams may access the official checkpoints if they are dressed in time-appropriate attire.

The checkpoints serve pancakes, cheese sandwiches, boiled eggs, coffee, broth, blueberry soup, milk and water on porcelain. Vasaloppet recommends that Jubileumsvasan participants not use modern energy products such as bars and sports drinks – instead stick to natural products inspired by the pioneers in 1922.

Modern tools and appliances (for example, battery-powered ones) should not be used regardless of where you are along the track. However, all participants will carry a GPS transmitter, and their split times and finish times will be logged during the day at and in Vasaloppet’s app. Participants can also be followed at Vasaloppet.TV, which will broadcast live from the race throughout the day.

When darkness falls, there are functionaries along the track to help. At Vasaloppet’s checkpoints, it will be possible to abort your race. Some medical care is available at the checkpoints and there will be a final check along the track. The finish line closes when the last participant has finished. Medals and diplomas will be awarded to all.

Start list Jubileumsvasan Saturday, February 12, 2022

Start number, name, home, county/country, birth year

1 Mattias Alm, Göteborg, Västra Götaland, born 1964
Grandfather Ernst Alm won Vasaloppet 1922.

2 Klaus Hanke, Thoiry, France, born 1968
German living in France and working at CERN in Switzerland: Read about Vasaloppet while learning Swedish and his life changed! Has skied the race since 2006. Also skied Nordenskiöldsloppet.

3 Andreas Borgestad, Linköping, Östergötland, born 1991
Has skied three Öppet Spår, 2018, 2019 and 2020. Elementary school teacher for grades 4–6 and sees an opportunity to bring history teachings to life with the help of Jubileumsvasan.

4 William Nisser, Uppsala, Uppsala, born 1957
Has skied Vasaloppet eleven times and Öppet Spår eight times. The Vasaloppet stone by Olnispagården was largely sponsored by his grandfather’s cousin Carl Martin Nisser.

5 Simon Wikström, Sälen, Dalarna, born 1989
Born and raised just 200 meters from the start point at Olnispagården. Has in the past four years skied Vasaloppet twice and Öppet Spår twice.

6 Fredrik Lidén, Norsjö, Västerbotten, born 1996
Has skied Vasaloppet twice and Cykelvasan 90 once. From the small ski town Norsjö which has produced three Vasaloppet winners over the years.

7 Per-Anders Järsenholt, Ulricehamn, Västra Götaland, born 1969
Has skied Vasaloppet eleven times, having been fascinated by Vasaloppet since 1978 when his father participated.

8 Jennie Mörk, Älvdalen, Dalarna, born 1976
Has skied, cycled and run Vasaloppet’s 90 km. Grew up with Vasaloppet in her blood. Father Inge’s personal best was a second place in Vasaloppet 1982.

9 Anders Åkerman, Espoo, Finland, born 1973
Born at Mora hospital two days before Vasaloppet 1973, which his father participated in. Has skied eight Vasaloppet, coming in 156th place at best; also ran Ultravasan 90 and skied Nordenskiöldsloppet.

10 Stephan Stenmark, Umeå, Västerbotten, born 1965 – DID NOT START
Infection control doctor in Västerbotten who has skied ten Vasaloppet. Grandmother’s brother John Lindgren won Vasaloppet in 1924 and double World Championship gold medals in 1927.

11 Martin Sahlström, Sundborn, Dalarna, born 1984
Firefighter who lives by a ski track and trains with forestry work. Twelve Vasaloppet, six Öppet Spår, two Nattvasan 90.

12 Emma Löfqvist, Örebro, Örebro, born 2002
Found the allure of skiing and has skied Öppet Spår 2020 and Vasaåket 90 2021.

13 Anne Mörk, Älvdalen, Dalarna, born 1972
In 1923, her great grandfather skied Vasaloppet. After that, her grandfather, father and she herself have participated. Has merits from the walking Swedish Championship and participated in the 2021 Nordenskiöldsloppet ”home edition” 220 km.

14 Sven-Erik Fjellborg, Kiruna, Norrbotten, born 1950
Has skied four Vasaloppet. Has extensive experience skiing in terrain using a toe loop. A number of EC, NM, SM medals in draft dog sports, as well as medals in the veteran SM in length and aims at the WC 2023 in Seefeld.

15 Anders Stöt, Mora, Dalarna, born 1965
Has skied most Vasaloppet races, including Vasaloppstrippeln. Relative to the recruit Otto Johnsson from Idre who skied the first Vasaloppet and finished 59 minutes after Ernst Alm.

16 Lenita Bryntesson, Rossön, Jämtland, born 1963
A mother of four who has trained and skied all her life. Has skied five Vasaloppet – coming in 13th place in 2007 from start group 4 – as well as two Öppet Spår and one Tjejvasan.

17 Andreas Fischer, Geyer, Germany, born 1973
Has skied Vasaloppet once, in 2011. Works at SWIX. Fulfils a dream to ski this unique race with equipment from his collection.

18 Henrik Lenngren, Norrköping, Östergötland, born 1980
Freelance journalist who has skied Vasaloppet since 2009. Author of the new book ”Vasaloppet – 90 kvinnor och män i fäders spår” (”Vasaloppet – 90 women and men in forefathers’ tracks”).

19 Hans Gerremo, Borgholm, Kalmar, born 1949
Formerly of Tandådalens Linbane AB and CEO of SLAO, the Swedish ski areas industry association. Skied his first Vasaloppet in 1976 and his most recent in 2020. Will become a Vasaloppet veteran (30 races) by completing Jubileumsvasan.

20 Helen Östensson, Transtrand, Dalarna, born 1965
Became a Vasaloppet veteran (30 races) in 2021. Has also skied Tjejvasan all years since the start in 1988.

21 Elin Engström, Halmstad, Halland, born 1993
Five Vasaloppet, one Öppet Spår, one Nattvasan 90, all Ultravasan 90 and Vasaloppstrippeln completed twice. Will be a challenge to beat the 1922 winning time, though she is certain she will finish the race.

22 Fredrik Erixon, Stockholm, Stockholm, born 1970
Founded and runs the cross-country ski training program CCC1000. Roller skied across Sweden in 2019, from Karesuando to Smygehuk in 28 days.

23 Björn Hänninen, Åmotsbruk, Gävleborg, born 1983
Has skied Vasaloppet ten times, coming in 87th place at best.

24 Ornella Mortagna, Cesiomaggiore, Italy, born 1970 – DID NOT START
Skied Vasaloppet 2011. ”A future can only exist if the memory of where we started, of where we have been, lives on, otherwise we would risk to lose ourselves.”

25 Anna-Lena Fritzson, Falun, Dalarna, born 1965
National team skier with a Junior World Championship gold and Swedish Championship gold. Participated in two Olympics and two World Championships. Father Folke came 33rd in Vasaloppet at best and mother Gunvor was the second woman to ski Vasaloppet in 1964!

26 Love Neihoff, Stockholm, Stockholm, born 1990
Has skied Vasaloppet since 2018. Great grandfather Henning Larsson was one of the 119 who skied the first Vasaloppet in 1922.

27 Markus Leijon, Gällivare, Norrbotten, born 1984
Grew up with the Vasaloppet track as a neighbour and play area. Vasaloppet’s Kransmas 2005 and came 9th in Vasaloppet 2008. Also won the Hill Prize in Evertsberg.

28 Mauro Vaccari, Cesiomaggiore, Italy, born 1961 – DID NOT START
Skied Vasaloppet in 2011. Has skied many long cross-country races in Italy.

29 Per Holm, Mora, Dalarna, born 1977
Moved to Mora in 2007 because he loves Vasaloppet. Has 26 unbroken medal years in Vasaloppet / Öppet Spår. Also participated in the first Ultravasan and the first Nattvasan.

30 Carina Ljung, Danderyd, Stockholm, born 1957
Skied Öppet Spår 2014. Completed Ironman in Hawaii 2018. Secondary school teacher with a support team of 600 students.

31 Tore Stengrundet, Jordet, Norway, born 1981
Teacher and supervisor of the Engerdal national park. Dedicated outdoor person who has skied Vasaloppet 13 times – coming in 70th place at best.

32 Johan Samuelsson, Piteå, Norrbotten, born 1980
Has skied Vasaloppet these past 23 years, including Vasaloppet Elit 2021. Best place: 49th in 2013. 10th in Nordenskiöldsloppet 2021. Has long dreamed of time travelling in pioneers’ tracks.

33 Ronnie Pettersson, Tungelsta, Stockholm, born 1970
Has skied Vasaloppet six times and Nattvasan 90 once. Application sent in by his wife, Paralympian Helene Ripa. Grandfather Holger Pettersson skied Vasaloppet several times in the 1940s.

34 Staffan Larsson, Mora, Dalarna, born 1970
Vasaloppet winner 1999 and in the top three four additional times. Famous for his ski pole technique in Vasaloppet in 1994. Kransmas 1994. Today he is an official Vasaloppet coach.

35 John Vikman, Rättvik, Dalarna, born 1972 – DID NOT START
Junior World Championship gold in relay in 1992 and 10th in Vasaloppet in 2000. Has after his active career worked full time in the cross-country skiing industry.

36 Mattias Ström, Dala-Järna, Dalarna, born 1975
Has skied Vasaloppet 15 times. Best place 83rd.

37 Oskar Wedman, Bonässund, Västernorrland, born 1980
Father of four who has a fifth place and a relay bronze in the Junior Swedish Championship biathlon in 1998. Skied Vasaloppet twice.

38 Magnus Fridén, Läde, Dalarna, born 1973
Has skied Vasaloppet seriously three times and several other races. From Mora-Nisse’s home town Östnor. Grandfather Axel Morell came eighth in Vasaloppet 1938. Multi-functionary for Vasaloppet.

39 Anders Södergren, Östersund, born 1977
Three Olympics, relay gold in 2010 and bronze in 2006. Five World Championship medals. Three World Cup victories, Holmenkollen’s 50 km twice. Twelve individual Swedish Championship golds. Four Vasaloppet (coming 18th at best). Fastest in Nattvasan 2019.

40 Jean-Pierre Henriet, Chapelle-des-Bois, France, born 1952
French skiing icon who has been a competitor, coach and race organizer. Farmer’s son from the Jura mountains who skied four kilometres to school every day. Skied Vasaloppet nine times, coming 39th in 1982.

41 Oskar Svärd, Eksjö, Småland, born 1976  – DID NOT START
One of Vasaloppet’s foremost skiers ever. In the top 10 as many as 14 times, six times of which he was in the top three, of which three were victories: 2003, 2005 and 2007.

42 John Harrysson, Onsala, Halland, born 1967 – DID NOT START
Sailor who participated in two summer Olympics. His first sailing instructor was Ernst Alm’s grandson Mattias, who got him into skiing. Now works as a coastguard. 15 Vasaloppet, among much else.

43 Lars-Åke Dickfors, Avesta, Dalarna, born 1962
Has skied Vasaloppet 23 times, Öppet Spår six times, five Cykelvasan 90 and one Ultravasan 90, and also completed Vasaloppstrippeln 90. Skied all races in both 2014 and 2015.

44 Ulf Uddbäck, Gävle, Gävleborg, born 1952
Has skied twelve Vasaloppet and one Öppet Spår.

45 Per-Erik Rönnestrand, Ås, Jämtland, born 1964
Has skied 17 Vasaloppet, as well as other races. Been a ski wax specialist and national captain for the Swedish and Chinese national teams. Is now the national team captain for the successful Swedish canoe team.

46 Filip Östensson, Transtrand, Dalarna, born 1997 – DID NOT START
Swedish junior champion in powerlifting 2020.

47 Daniel Tynell, Borlänge, Dalarna, born 1976
One of Vasaloppet’s foremost skiers ever. In the top 10 ten times, of which seven were in the top three, of which three were victories: 2002, 2006 and 2009.

48 Daniel Svensson, Stockholm, Stockholm, born 1992
Skied Vasaloppet 2016, and finished in place 145. Was Vasaloppet’s kransmas 2014, and Sveriges Television’s elite reporter 2015, 2018 and 2019.

49 Mattias Åberg, Järfälla, Stockholm, born 1982
Has skied a total of 15 modern Vasaloppet but also collects historical sports memorabilia. A collection that started with Vasaloppet and pins.

50 Mathias Fredriksson, Östersund, Jämtland, born 1973
Won the World Cup 2002/03. Took nine individual World Cup victories and participated in four Olympics. Five medals in the Olympics / World Championships. 16 individual Swedish Championship golds. Expert in SVT’s Vinterstudion. No 50-year crisis!

51 Sofia Lind, Duved, Jämtland, born 1975
Vasaloppet’s most successful woman of all time with four victories, 1997, 1999, 2004 and 2005. In addition, she was the fastest woman in 1996, the year before the women’s class was introduced.

52 Matilda Henriksson, Jokkmokk, Norrbotten, born 1990
Competed on skis all her life, participating in the Swedish Championships. Skied Vasaloppet five times, Tjejvasan three times and Nattvasan 90 once.

53 Andreas Lindgren, Karlstad, Värmland, born 1979
Has skied Vasaloppet five times, Öppet Spår three times and Nattvasan 90 twice. Grandfather John Lindgren from IFK Umeå won the third Vasaloppet in 1924.

54 Henrik Eriksson, Mora, Dalarna, born 1974
Winner of Vasaloppet 2001. The latest from IFK Mora to win the race. Hopes to have the opportunity to use the whole body again in a ski race, after several years of exercise skiing.

55 Johan Kastensson, Eksjö, Jönköping, born 1987
Has skied Vasaloppet since 2014 and aims to enter the elite group. Has also skied the 220 km Nordenskiöldsloppet and competed in Ironman.

56 Nina Johansson, Myresjö, Jönköping, born 1973
Has skied Vasaloppet eight times, Öppet Spår five times and Tjejvasan once. Completed En Svensk Klassiker five times. Has also completed Vasaloppstrippeln 90 these last four years.

57 Patrik Turesson, Lima, Dalarna, born 1964
Has skied Vasaloppet 18 times, coming in 23rd place at best in 1991, as well as three Öppet Spår.

58 David Erixon, Månsarp, Jönköping, born 1980
Has skied Vasaloppet every year since 1999. Skied across all of Norway from the southern to the northern tip in 2013, a 253 km trip with a sled. Has also participated in the 70 km long Yukon Arctic Ultra.

59 Maja Jansson, Forsbacka, Gävleborg, born 1991
Have skied Vasaloppet once, Öppet Spår six times and Nattvasan 90 once. Dreams of becoming a Vasaloppet veteran. Plans to continue skiing until she is 80-90 years old!

60 Henrik Granström, Bruksvallarna, Jämtland, born 1972
Has skied twelve Vasaloppet, two Öppet Spår, one Nattvasan 90 and two Nordenskiöldsloppet. A passionate skier who recently left Stockholm to live in snowy Bruksvallarna.

61 Julian Dabbs, Rosvik, Norrbotten, born 1985
An Australian who grew up skiing in Australia’s backcountry. Skied Vasaloppet 2019 and moved to Norrbotten 2020 to be closer to the snow.

62 Erik Wickström, Sjömarken, Västra Götaland, born 1982
Official Vasaloppet coach and former editor-in-chief of Vasalöparen. Has skied twelve Vasaloppet (25th place at best) and completed two Ultravasan (13th place at best) and two Cykelvasan (38th place at best).

63 Thomas Berggren, Falun, Dalarna, born 1973
Has skied six Vasaloppet and one Öppet Spår. Nordic freestyle snowboarding champion in 2003 and third in 2004. Swedish skateboarding champion in 2009.

64 Daniel Holmqvist, Lidingö, Stockholm, born 1971
Has skied Vasaloppet three times and Öppet Spår once. In addition, hiked in the Himalayas, marathon on Svalbard, surfed in Hong Kong, trips around Greenland and so on.

65 Simon Evans, Plymouth, England, born 1984
Australian who loves Vasaloppet. Has skied Vasaloppet six times.

66 Jennifer Friman, Malmö, Skåne, born 1975
Has skied Vasaloppet nine times (51st place at best), three Öppet Spår and completed Vasaloppstrippeln. At the first Vasaloppet 2002 her future husband proposed to her on the finish line. Sister Emelie Öhrstig has won Tjejvasan and WM.

67 Alexandra Torstensson, Ätran, Halland, born 1983
Vasaloppet debutant who is dedicated to re-enactment of sports from 1935–45, which means dressing in time-appropriate clothing and engaging in outdoor activities in the way they did back then.

68 Patrik Qvicker, Transtrand, Dalarna, born 1967
Vasaloppet veteran. Skied Vasaloppet 1988–2002, but since then he has had to ski Öppet Spår instead as he’s been Vasaloppet’s starter since 2003.

69 Katja Larsson, Sandared, Västra Götaland, born 1971
Pilates coach who took a break from skiing after ten Vasaloppet, seven Tjejvasan and a Nordenskiöldsloppet – but with Jubileumsvasan she could not resist taking on the challenge again.

70 Ola Mopers, Mora, Dalarna, born 1973
Sports icon with, among other things, an elite career in ski orienteering until 2001. Has skied Vasaloppet three times and several other races in the Vasaloppet Arena.

71 Peter Eich, Oberammergau (twin town of Mora), Germany, born 1951
Met his Swedish wife at Vasaloppet in 1973. Has skied Vasaloppet 18 times. In 2022 they are performing the Oberammergau Passion Play, meaning that he has to let his hair and beard grow to a Gustav Vasa length.

72 Ingela Gahne, Enebyberg, Stockholm, born 1964
Skied Vasaloppet eight times and Tjejvasan seven times. Completed Vasaloppstrippeln 90 2018. Wants to be a role model for women and for older people who train alongside their full-time jobs.

73 Joacim Lantz, Ockelbo, Gävleborg, born 1991
Ultrarunner belonging to the so-called Ockelbo mafia. Second in Ultravasan 90 2019 and fourth in 2018. Named male ultrarunner of the year 2019. Has skied two Öppet Spår.

74 Kalle Zidén, Borlänge, Dalarna, born 1990
Skied Nattvasan 90 twice.

75 Lovisa Ån Gunterberg, Sälen, Dalarna, born 1995
Started her career in the Vasaloppet track at the age of 12 in Kortvasan, continued with Ungdomsvasan and Tjejvasan – but now skies Vasaloppet, Nattvasan 90 and Öppet Spår and Cykelvasan.

76 Martin Eriksson, Vallentuna, Stockholm, born 1970
Has skied Vasaloppet four times, Vasaåket 90 and Öppet Spår once. A missionary for Vasaloppet and its vision to colleagues, partners and friends.

77 Lukas Lindberg, Box, Sipoo, Finland, born 1988
Skied his first Vasaloppet in 2007 and is now halfway (15 races) to getting an orange number bib (Vasaloppet veteran), now in start group 1. Has, among other things, completed Ironman and cycled to England.

78 Fredrik Holst, Stockholm, Stockholm, born 1967
Skied Öppet Spår 17 years in a row but also participated in other extreme competitions such as three Marathon Marches-Fotrally (just over 76 hours hiking without interruption) and two Nordenskiöldsloppet.

79 Erik Bruun, Oslo, Norway, born 1965
Board member of the Norwegian Ski Association. Has skied Vasaloppet three times.

80 Birger Fält, Norsborg, Stockholm, born 1968
Vasaloppet veteran who has skied 34 races. Former national team member and Swedish walking champion. Won the game show ”Kvitt eller dubbelt” on the subject of Vasaloppet in 1986 and came in 239th place at the age of 18.

81 Anders Sörensson, Munkedal, Västra Götaland, born 1973
At age 47 he skied Vasaloppet Elit 2021, completing his 30th race and thereby becoming the youngest Vasaloppet veteran.

82 John Kumlin, Brämhult, Västra Götaland, born 1988
17th at the Swedish Championships in triathlon 2021 (Ironman distance). Skied Vasaloppet five times.

83 Jacob Jansson, Enskede, Stockholm, born 1997
Skied Öppet Spår at the age of 18. Wants to honour his 106-year-old great-grandfather who used skis as a means of transport in the Bergslagen forests almost 100 years ago.

84 Anna Klöfver, Stocksund, Stockholm, born 1986
Has skied Vasaloppet twice, Öppet Spår once, Tjejvasan once and run Ultravasan 45.

85 Susanne Dittmer, Tenhult, Jönköping, born 1954
Awarded the Swedish Ski Association badge of honour in 1977, four-time individual Swedish champion in ski orienteering in the 1970s (with her maiden name Lindgren). Has skied Öppet Spår and Tjejvasan.

86 Rickard Nordin, Gothenburg, Västra Götaland, born 1983
Is one of the 349 elected representatives in Sweden’s Riksdag. Started his sports career in IFK Hult – Sweden’s worst football team. Multiple gold medallist in the Nordic Parliamentary Championships in skiing. Has skied two Vasaloppet.

87 Christofer Stevenson, Falun, Dalarna, born 1982
Former professional cyclist with a career in Europe. Swedish National Road Race Champion 2012 and second place in Cykelvasan 2015. Has skied five Vasaloppet, two Öppet Spår and three Nattvasan 90.

88 Patrik Nilsson, Landskrona, Skåne, born 1967
Has skied Vasaloppet once and Öppet Spår four times. Runs an official Vasaloppet store and has become known as roller-ski Patrik to skiers across Sweden.

89 Emil Nordén, Norsjö. Västerbotten, born 1998
Vasaloppet debutant from the historic ski village Norsjö who wants to carry on the strong skiing tradition.

90 Tobias Thomson, Umeå, Västerbotten, born 1978
Skied Vasaloppet 2020 and Vasaloppet Elit 2021. Wants to honour the memory and history of his home area, the Västerbotten interior, where skiing was and is a strong cultural factor.

91 Hanna Johnselius, Kalix, Norrbotten, born 1974
Priest who skied Vasaloppet four times. She talked about the tough 2019 race on the P1 radio show ”Tankar för dagen” (”Thoughts for the day”).

92 Mikael Kulanko, Halmstad, Halland, born 1966
As a true Vasaloppet enthusiast on his way to 200 finishes, ”Superman” wants to crown his exercise career with this optimal finish.

93 Hampus Wenklo, Jörlanda, Västra Götaland, born 1989
Has skied Vasaloppet once. Won the first season of the reality series ”Elitstyrkans Hemligheter” on TV4 2021 and ”has a penchant for forehead bone challenges”.

94 Martin Rosvall, Umeå, Västerbotten, born 1978
Professor of physics who has skied Vasaloppet 13 times, coming 15th in both 2010 and 2014. Also received World Cup points when Vasaloppet was included in the 2006 World Cup.

95 Stephan Wilson, Skarpnäck, Stockholm, born 1979
TV profile and exercise inspirer, who in 2016 skied Vasaloppet for the first time in the TV series ”Stephan på glid”. Since then, he has also been the host of the TV series ”Min Klassiker”.

96 Jonas Ekeberg, Avesta, Dalarna, born 1973 – DID NOT START
Skied his first Öppet Spår in 1999 with a time of 11.49 without a metre of training. Borrowed skis the night before the start. Has now skied 15 Öppet Spår and his first finishing time from 1997 has since been halved.

97 Martin Eckervad, Skara, Västra Götaland, born 1973
Combines his own exercise with training elite athletes in his spare time and has worked with both the national roller ski team and the national cycling team. Has skied two Öppet Spår.

98 Mehdi Zaghloumi, Kista, Stockholm, born 1994
Had not stood on a pair of cross-country skis until three years ago. Skied Vasaloppet 2019 and Vasaåket 2021. Dreaming of forming a Tunisian Olympic team.

99 Tomas Ottosson, Gråbo, Västra Götaland, born 1966
Skied Vasaloppet eleven times and Öppet Spår twice. Has also completed Vasaloppstrippeln 90 two years and has cut his first finishing time in Vasaloppet down by over four hours.

100 Mattias Pers, Undersåker, Jämtland, born 1984
Skis the race as a tribute to his great grandfather Anders Pers, Vasaloppet’s initiator, with great pride and gratitude for his importance for Swedish and international cross-country skiing.

101 Erik Mattsson, Linköping, Östergötland, born 1967

102 Eva Lif, Furuvik, Gävleborg, born 1982
Vasaloppet’s Kranskulla 2005. Grew up in Lima / Sälen with cross-country skis on her feet.

103 Sara Brantvall, Malmö, Skåne, born 1975
A broken wooden ski and plastic Christmas gift skis started her skiing career. In her tenth start in Sälen, the sustainability manager is now back on renewable wooden skis and dressed as Margit Nordin.

104 Margareta Östensson-Lindblom, Falun, Dalarna, born 1959
Became the first Vasaloppet veteran to complete Vasaloppstrippeln in 2018. Has skied Tjejvasan all years. Completed 18 Vasaloppet and 20 Öppet Spår. Uncle Nils won Olympic gold in the 1948 relay.

105 Tino Seidel, Adelzhausen, Germany, born 1963 – DID NOT START
Has skied Vasaloppet twice and Nattvasan once. Usually runs Marcialonga’s retro race.

106 Christer Skog, Stockholm, Stockholm, born 1956
Former team captain for the national ski team and personal trainer for, for example, Daniel Tynell. In February 2021, he skied Vasaåket 90 ten days in a row together with Måns Möller.

107 Lena Rask, Mora, Dalarna, born 1958
Competed in elite cross-country skiing and has team medals from the Swedish Championships. Has skied Vasaloppet twice and Tjejvasan four times.

108 Örjan Skatt, Borås, Västra Götaland, born 1973
Ski instructor in his spare time, has skied Vasaloppet twelve times with a best position of 216th at the age of 21. Also participated in the first ever Nattvasan 90.

109 Marie Toven, Frösön, Jämtland, born 1975
Former professional officer. Has skied Vasaloppet three times as well as Öppet Spår and four Tjejvasan.

110 Viktor Mazko, Murino, Russia, born 1972
Born with skis on his feet. Soviet Union champion in cross-country skiing. Skied Vasaloppet 2018, 2019 and 2020. Founder and coach of Vershina Ski Club.

111 Clara Ehn, Sundbyberg, Stockholm, born 1991
Skied Öppet Spår for the first time in 2018, and has since divided her year into two parts: before and after Vasaloppet. The worse the conditions, the better. Longing for a challenging year.

112 Lennart Klingberg, Jonstorp, Skåne, born 1954
Has skied Vasaloppet eleven times. Participates in the spirit of Pierre de Coubertin and believes that skis should be waxed until midsummer, using contemporary wax.

113 Simon Oest, Åre, Jämtland, born 1975
Two Vasaloppet, 14 Öppet Spår and six Cykelvasan 90.

114 Jakob Alm, Lindome, Västra Götaland, born 1970
Skied Öppet Spår 2020. Grandfather was Ernst Alm and won the very first Vasaloppet in 1922, also with start number 114.

115 Andrew Becker, Viken, Skåne, born 1990
Australians living in Skåne, watched Vasaloppet on TV and wondered what kind of madness it was? Has improved his Öppet Spår time by four hours with the help of legendary Bengt Hassis.

116 Camilla Persson, Malmö, Skåne, born 1982
Has skied two Öppet Spår and two Tjejvasan. Her main sport where she competes properly is surfski in the sea, ”the mountain biking of the canoe world” where you paddle and surf the waves.

117 Isak Hellberg, Bjursås, Dalarna, born 1983
Has skied Vasaloppet three times. Great-grandfather Jont Algot Eriksson skied the first 20 Vasaloppet, the only person to do so, and he left his mark on the family with his sport.

118 Emma Alenius, Hudiksvall, Gävleborg, born 1978
Competes for IFK Norsjö just like the first Vasaloppet winner Ernst Alm. Has skied four Vasaloppet, one Nattvasan 90 and one Tjejvasan. Plans to ski from Mora to the start.

119 Jonathan Rova, Duluth, Minnesota, USA, born 1973
Has skied two Vasaloppet. Coach and board member of Duluth Cross Country Ski Club.

120 Mohammad Abazeed, Hyltebruk, Halland, born 1983
Fled from Syria in 2014. Had only skied a few months when he participated in Vasaloppet 2016. Has now skied Vasaloppet three times and Öppet Spår once.

121 Annika Manni, Umeå, Västerbotten, born 1971
Senior lecturer who has skied two Öppet Spår and three Tjejvasan. Has just turned 50 and sees Jubileumsvasan as an opportunity for a double anniversary.

122 Catrin Ingvarsson, Luleå, Norrbotten, born 1977
One Vasaloppet, three Öppet Spår. Four Junior Swedish Championship golds in biathlon. Passed the time for a Swedish super classic for men 2018. Fourth in the women’s class at Nordenskiöldsloppet 2019. Youth coach.

123 Anna Nilsson, Transtrand, Dalarna, born 1992
Skied Vasaloppet once and Öppet Spår three times.

124 Frederic Gard, Mora, Dalarna, born 1967
Halland boy who came to Mora to ski Stafettvasan, met a Dalarna woman and decided to stay in Mora, has now completed nine Vasaloppet – Nattvasan and Öppet Spår included.

125 Karin Lamberg, Vänge, Uppsala, born 1961
Participated as a cross-country skier in three Olympics, 1980, 1984 and 1988 and five World Championships. World Championship bronze in relay 1987.

126 Erik O. Sjödin, Kramfors, Västernorrland, born 1945
Oldest participant. Vasaloppet fan since the age of four, as he listened to the radio when Mora-Nisse won the race. Has skied 13 Vasalopp. Participated in the veteran WC in athletics in Lyon 2015, aiming for the WC 2024.

127 Ola Häggström, Kivik, Skåne, born 1974
Has skied five Öppet Spår and five Nattvasan 90, as well as many other races, and completed Vasaloppstrippeln 90. Skied Nattvasan 2018 with his father – who made his debut in forefathers’ tracks 51 years earlier, in 1967.

128 Martin Eriksson, Transtrand, Dalarna, born 1970
Became a Vasaloppet veteran in 2021. Grandfather Gösta Tapper was a fiery soul at the Vasaloppet start in Berga by and father Tore Eriksson skied 24 races. Grandmother’s brother, Johan Larsson, skied the 1922 race.

129 Magnus Johansson, Umeå, Västerbotten, born 1986
Grandson of John Bergmark who finished 18th in the first Vasaloppet in 1922 and who was part of IFK Norsjö’s team that won the team competition. (Now has the same start number as John had then!)

130 Johanna Sundström, Borås, Västra Götaland, born 1975
Has skied 13 Vasaloppet, placing 33rd in 2019, and seven Tjejvasan. Here is the race she did not know she dreamed of.

131 Emmalina Mattsson, Äppelbo, Dalarna, born 1987
Skied two Vasaloppet. Also registered for Vasaloppet 2022 and looks forward to seeing what time difference she gets with modern and old equipment.

132 Fredrik Sätter, Mattmar, Jämtland, born 1972
Has skied Vasaloppet 28 times, placing 23rd in 1997 but also coming 10th in Ultravasan 2017. Forest ranger who also uses wooden skis at work.

133 Claes Åkeson, Kumla, Örebro, born 1967
TV presenter who likes endurance sports – and challenges.

134 Niklas Holm, Skärholmen, Stockholm, born 1990
Skied Vasaloppet 2019 and Vasaåket Natt 2021. Inspired by stubborn power skiers of the time like Gunder Hägg, Sixten Jernberg and Pava Lars Nilsson Tuorda.

135 Marcus Waller, Sankt Ibb, Skåne, born 1971
Has skied three Öppet Spår. Amphibious elite soldier living on the island of Ven. Triathlete and marathon runner. Skis for fallen and wounded veterans in foreign service. Semper Opus Solve!

136 Karolina Wildheim, Mölndal, Västra Götaland, born 1974
Four Vasaloppet, four Cykelvasan 90 and two Tjejvasan. Skis for all the women who weren’t able or allowed to ski at the time.

137 Jan Kristian Haugnaess, Mjöndalen, Norway, born 1978
Started his skiing career in 2010. Has skied Vasaloppet six times, as well as several other long-distance races. Skied Nordenskiöldsloppet 2019 and last winter he skied four Birken in 24 hours.

138 Kiwi Isaksson, Umeå, Västerbotten, born 2000
First Vasaloppet race was in 2021 with Vasaåket 90. Would probably have wanted to ski as early as 1922, if she had lived at that time.

139 William Da Roit, La Valle Agordina, Belluno Dolomites, Italy, born 1967
Baker who is a Worldloppet Master, which you become when you have skied ten long-distance races in ten countries. Skied Vasaloppet in 2010 and has ”I fäders spår för framtids segrar” (”In forefathers’ tracks for future victories”) tattooed on his arm.


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Newsreel from Vasaloppet’s premiere on Sunday, March 19, 1922. The winner was Ernst Alm with a time of 7 hours, 32 minutes and 49 seconds. Therese Eliasson was the Kranskulla. Narrator: Sven ”Plex” Petersson.

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