A highly motivated and challenging year!

A Swedish Classic consists of a collection of some of the longest, largest and oldest races in the world of cycling, swimming, running and skiing.

In order to conquer the Swedish Classic you need to finish the four races of skiing, cycling, swimming and running within a twelve month period. You can choose between the following races.

You can choose between the following races: Vasaloppet, Engelbrektsloppet, Vansbrosimningen, Vätternrundan and Lidingöloppet.

En Svensk Klassiker, A Swedish Classic – A highly motivated and challenging year!
En Svensk Klassiker – Halva, The Swedish Half Classic – Challenging and motivated.
En Svensk Klassiker – Tjej/Korta, The Women’s/Short Classic – Challenge, strength and joy.

Read more at En Svensk Klassiker’s site – ensvenskklassiker.se/en


Take on the challenge of the world's biggest cross-country ski race.

Öppet Spår Sunday

Ski the whole classic Vasaloppet and challenge yourself.

Öppet Spår Monday 30

Challenge the family, choose classic style or skate 30 km.

Öppet Spår Monday 45

Start in Oxberg and choose between classic style or skate down to the finish in Mora.

Öppet Spår Monday 90

Choose between skate and classic style and ski the whole classic Vasaloppet.

Vasaloppet 45

45-kilometre challenge on classic terrain.


The world's biggest ski race for women only.

Vasaloppet 30

The exercise race on skis for the whole family.

Nattvasan 90

History's greatest adventure.

Nattvasan 45

An adventure well beyond the ordinary.

Nattvasan 30

An adventure for everyone – young and old.

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